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2009-11-28 21:23:43 by MistaAyzee

this site has been a waste
its a lump of rotting shit
too many haters

MC Mercury(Mixtape only, not sellin shit, bitchass racist punk)
Wyze-Stingray(white dude, who is shittier rapper than me)
War-Spawn(wanna be rapper, no flow, bitchass voice)
KillBill2(decent flow, too much of a hater tho, won't get nowhere)
Aztec(fat white wannabe "b-Boy country slangin' n***a", no flow, cunt)
Druids-Warcry(just another wanna be rapper)
and all the other lil bitches

all these hoes, have said that they are "G", that they are some kinda gat packin gangsta
none of you are good, none of you are goin anywhere, you are too fake.
this isn't hate, this is a mass review. I am leavin not because I'm scared, or because yall hate too much. I'm just allergic to BITCH, and can't afford the Claritin. WHUT?

props to WyteNoiz and Dj Delinquent
hold it down, peace